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Results of 6 Year Termite & Decay Trial

16 Nov 2016

Accoya has come out on top following a 6 year termite & decay trial in Thailand
comparing Accoya against Burmese teak heartwood and makha hardwood. After 6 years
of in-ground contact, Accoya is demonstrating a significantly higher performance
than both alternatives. High quality teak is continues to be regarded as having
the highest performance of all natural timbers and therefore demonstrates
Accoya's exceptional performance.

Accoya outperforms competitors in 6 year termite & decay trial

Diamond Wood & Accoya at VietBuild 2017

23-27 June 2017

Our partners, Kwantsun Co., Ltd. and Resortism Co., Ltd. will present their
brands at the famous VietBuild Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. They
have selected Accoya wood structure for their gazebos & parasols to guarantee
superior quality and reliable sustainability for international and domestic
customers. Find Accoya wood at booths 2346 & 2347 in A5 Hall.


Diamond Wood Accoya Distributor Conference

 Accoya®: Innovation in Wood

Accoya - the world’s leading high-technology long-life wood

Accoya® wood

Acetylation creates a proven high-performance wood

Accoya® wood

Properties match/exceed the best tropical hardwoods/treated woods

Accoya® wood

Manufactured using wood from sustainable sources

Accoya® wood

Ideal for outdoor use, decking/cladding, windows/doors

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