In the End of Life phase Accoya® has no limits. Accoya® is a non toxic product and therefore fully biodegradable.

As a result, Accoya can be handled in the same manner as untreated wood at the end of its life (as stated in the company’s KOMO product certificate and further evidenced by SHR – Wood Research Foundation Netherlands), therefore fits perfectly in the Cradle to Cradle design philosophy for which it has been awarded the Gold certification as one of few products worldwide.

Accsys recommends that users of Accoya® wood adopt the “Ladder of Lansink” recycling strategy in the end of life phase. Similar to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, to re-use materials in applications with the same or even higher added value (up-cycling). The model consists of the following possible waste management scenarios in which prevention is the preferred option and dumping the least:

1 Prevention: Avoid waste/develop products that
   create no harmful waste (e.g. 100%

2 Reuse: Useful application through product re-use

3 Recycling: Useful application through material

4 Energy: Useful application through energy
   production (incineration)

5 Burn: Remove burn

6 Dumping: Remove dumping/composting


Accoya expected service life graph

Sustainability: Accoya End of Life phase


More about Accoya and its benefits:

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