Coating Performance

Superior Coating Performance

Accoya® wood’s outstanding dimensional stability primarily contributes to its superior coatings performance. Thus any major coating systems can be applied on Accoya® with significantly improved performance.

Dimensional Stability & Coatings

Less swelling and shrinkage (by 70%-80%) of Accoya® wood, better coating adherence to its more stable surface. Dimensionally stable wood improves coatings life as paints and other film-forming coatings are not subjected to severe stretch and shrink cycles. The final result is decreased maintenance frequency, causing to:

  • Less time to maintain the wood
  • Less money spent on coatings
  • Less coating used during the overall service life of the wood
  • Less impact on the environment

Accoya® works well with all known coatings systems. Extensive testing with positive results has been performed with opaque hybrid, opaque acrylic and transparent alkyd emulsions coating systems.

Accoya® should be specified in conjunction with the large number of companies manufacturing cladding, decking and joinery using Accoya® wood.