Outstanding Durability

Accoya® is already inspiring architects, designersand individuals around the world with its outstanding qualities and the possibilities it offers for using wood in exterior applications..

Class 1 Durability

Cellulose is a major structural ingredient of wood, but it is also a major food source for several different insects and decay fungi and makes a great shelter for others, too. Rot causes wood to degrade – particularly when it is used outdoors and exposed to moisture – limiting its service life.

Thanks to the acetylation technology pioneered by Accsys Technologies, Accoya® wood offers you an environmentally compatible, durable wood that can be utilized with confidence in outdoor applications and will last for many years.

Simply the Best

‘Class 1’ is simply the top leading level of durability possible in wood. Though there are some naturally durable wood species, it is known that their natural durability is variable with inconsistency.

On the other hand, Accoya® wood’s durability is consistent. The properties test of every batch via standard scientific measurements after modification, enable its durability to at least match and even exceed the performance of nature’s most durable species, including teak.

Additionally, Accoya® is made using fast growing, sustainably forested radiata pine, while other durable woods tend to be slower growing species. So old growth forests are not threatened or depleted to create Accoya®.

Longer Life

Accoya® wood’s durability makes it very long lasting, at least:

  • 50 years above ground
  • 25 years in-ground or freshwater contact

The indigestion to microorganisms and insects makes Accoya® wood more durable to wood-destroying fungi and virtually rot-proof.

Outstanding Durability

Insect Barrier

Where Durability Counts…

Heavy Traffic Road Bridge: “Several independent European research institutes tested Accoya®’s suitability for this project. After rigorous testing, we found that its dimensional stability and incredible durability put it head and shoulders above other species and showed that it is suitable for laminating in large sections measuring 1080 x 1400 mm. Accoya® is non-toxic and made from sustainably grown timber and these things were also considerations,” Sieds Hoitinga, Project Manager, Province of Friesland, the Netherlands.

Canal Lining: Certain environments are particularly punishing and few are harsher than canal banks where wood is used to hold back the earth, exposing it to water, microbe-rich soil and – most obviously at the waterline – air. Accoya® offers unparalleled performance in this application, exceeding tropical hardwood.

Decking: Applications like decking, where the wood is frequently wet and close to or in contact with the ground, demand a durable wood that is an effective barrier to mould and insect. Acetylation has significantly improved wood performance against brown rot, white rot and soft rot. Accoya® wood has also proven to be an effective barrier to wood destroying insect damage in multiple field tests and laboratory trails undertaken in many locations all over the world. This includes tests with multiple species of termites.