Building Bridges

Accoya® has been applied to create a unique “floating” bridge in the Dutch city of Bergen op Zoom.

Ro Koster and Ad Kil, of Bergen op Zoom-based RO&AD Architects, who also mastered the famous and award winning Moses Bridge in Halsteren, designed the 80m floating pedestrian bridge to realize the access to the 18th century fort’s entrance. Its snake-like path mimics the journey and motion of the boats which originally travelled there.

Windows & Doors

The improved thermal insulation compared to commonly used wood species and more durability and dimensional stability than the best tropical hardwoods, enable Accoya®wood as one brilliant material for windows and doors. Based on the third party testing of Accoya, its expected service life is now independently reported as extending to 70 years when used for window joinery in the UK and Europe as well as being Carbon Negative over its life cycle. Coatings last longer and it is perfect for transparent, translucent or opaque coatings… whatever captures your imagination.

Finely Clad

Any cladding, siding and façades with the consideration on aesthetics, stability, durability and less frequent maintenance, Accoya® wood will jump to mind. Here it is used to clad a contemporary extension using an inclined open boarding system, finished with an environmentally friendly dark or light stain.

On Deck

The beauty, strength and all-weather performance are crucial for decking, jetties and pontoons. A dimensionally stable material that will stay flat and has very minimal bow, cup, warp and split and will not be affected by fungi or rot is ideal. It is also important that the wood is non-toxic and therefore safe for people and animals. Accoya® wood meets these requirements.

In the Shade

Accoya® wood is an excellent choice for shutters, louvres and solar shading.