Quality & ease of use

Consistent Quality & Ease of Use

As a natural material, each piece of wood is unique with frustration and uncertainty when looking for guaranteed performance quality. However, Accoya® wood offer you the guaranteed features, such as consistent quality, durability and dimensional stability.

Wood acetylation is a process that has been studied by scientists around the world for more than eighty years. The Accoya® wood manufacturing process combines this work with years of proprietary research and investment to deliver consistent results on a commercial scale. Especially, the effectiveness assessment of the acetylation process is measured after Accoya wood has been produced, with an array of sophisticated and proven analytical techniques.

Outstanding Durability

Each batch is analyzed and Accoya wood always meets the requirements of Durability Class 1 for Use Classes 1-4 in accordance with EN 350-1 & EN 335-1.

Consistent Quality Throughout

As Accoya® wood is modified all the way through, rather than just at the surface, when it is cut, planed or jointed there are no exposed unprotected surfaces in any dimension. This completely removes the need to apply additional chemical preservatives to the unmodified or envelope treated woods.

Excellent Machinability & Ease of Fixing

Easy to machine and process manually, Accoya® wood is creating almost challenges for product manufacturers and end users. Accoya® wood can be fixed in the same way as other commonly used softwood species. As with one of the most durable woods, Accoya® contains a small amount of acid. It is therefore strongly recommended that corrosion resistant fixings, such as high quality stainless steel, are used.

Retained Strength & Hardness

The manufacturing process does not compromise the wood’s strength. In fact, the hardness of the wood is increased and because Accoya® wood has a high strength to weight ratio, it is suitable for challenging applications – even heavy traffic road bridges.

Naturally Beautiful Wood

Last but not least, Accoya® wood is naturally beautiful. It is comparable in colour to the original source species, so that you can achieve a natural look in your projects if you wish or it may be easily coated in a wide range of colour finishes. It’s up to you!.