TAVICO Group Company, Accoya® exclusive distributor in Vietnam opening the first legal wood material center in the South East Asia region located in Vietnam, Long Binh, Dong Nai province.

On 40 hectares site, Tavico Group Company,  in Vietnam has built the first certified wood material market center, probably the biggest in all South East Asia region.
The only place in the region where you can find Accoya® wood and different certified hard wood & soft wood species.

Mr.Ha, Tavico Chairman is a visionary person;
“looking at the huge wood demand in our region from different segment, wood products manufacturer and construction, we need to supply the demand in the respect of the environment and must be able to supply to all clients based on their need and budget.
We are at Tavico Group Company extremely proud and excited to offer our wood expertise and different wood species with our wood supplier partners.
We warmly welcome all of you to our new wood center market site at Tavico Long Binh, Dong Nai,Vietnam.”
See you soon