Accoya® and Medite® Tricoya® cladding used in residential construction innovation

Two of Norway’s young entrepreneurs have formed an innovative response to the demand for student accommodation in Norway, by transforming shipping containers into residential flats framed with Accoya wood and clad with Medite Tricoya MDF.

MyBox is a pre-fabricated box constructed with low-maintenance Accoya and Medite Tricoya modified wood products, which protect the residential units from the harsh effects of the external environment and together create an excellent U-value rating and thermal performance. The accommodation solution is assembled in a matter of days, and once constructed, is approved as a permanent building.

Accoya and Medite Tricoya are fantastic, high performance products to construct and clad the containers with, offering 50 years warranty for durability and stability which is industry leading. The impeccable environmental credentials and natural aesthetics of both products add to their credibility, making them the perfect and preferred materials to use in construction.”

Accoya and Medite Tricoya are two of the most advanced wood products on the market today, using Accsys Technologies’ proprietary acetylation technology to deliver outstanding levels of performance, stability, durability. This results in a non-toxic, attractive and cost-effective wood which matches or exceeds the properties of tropical hardwood.


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March 13, 2018