Accoya® selected for the new Venlo City Hall

The new city hall in Venlo is a paramount example of applying the Cradle to Cradle design principles on a building scale. Over the time period of just 40 years, the Venlo Municipality will have generated a return on investment of roughly 17 million Euros. This project also boasts the highest possible application level of Cradle to Cradle within the fixed budget.

The most important element the design team had to consider was the use of appropriate materials which have green credentials and can be recycled. This is why Accoya was selected as the ideal wood. Accoya was chosen for the interior and exterior of the building. Accoya is gold certified Cradle to Cradle and recently received the platinum accolade for material health from Cradle to Cradle. Accoya was used on the outside of the building for the siding, terraces and window frames, as well as the doors and ceiling.

The commitment to a leadership position in implementing Cradle to Cradle is seen as an important instrument to achieve the desired growth in combination with a clear and positive profile in order to entice businesses to invest in Venlo. The municipality of Venlo considers Cradle to Cradle as an innovative economic design principle, with the highest possible sustainability as a result.


Posted on

March 13, 2018