Accoya® wood – sustainable, eco-friendly & FSC certified wood

There is a building material that is beautiful, truly sustainable, non-toxic with a long life, strength and dimensional stability.

Accoya® wood is produced from sustainably sourced, fast growing wood and manufactured using Accsys’ proprietary patented modification process from surface to core.

Accoya® wood is modified all the way through, not just at the surface like traditional envelope treatments. This modification technique has two key advantages:

Using an array of sophisticated and proven analytical techniques, the producers of Accoya® wood ensure that every batch is of consistent quality and reaches the highest possible level in durability and dimensional stability versus the unpredictablity of other choices When Accoya® wood is cut or jointed there are no exposed nonacetylated surfaces in any dimension. This completely negates the need to apply additional chemical preservatives on-site, as is necessary with unmodified or envelope-treated woods