Palacio de Congresos Europa (Europa Conference and Exhibition Centre)

The Palacio de Congresos Europa (Europa Conference and Exhibition Centre) in Vitoria, Spain recently underwent significant renovation to boost the building’s environmental credentials and expand its capacity.
Accoya distributors Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz specified the use of Accoya to City Hall Municipal Architects and IDOM-ACXT Arquitectos as it met their environmental requirements.

The environmental renovation of the centre was developed to create a carbon neutral building which is efficient in its use of resources, including building materials, water and energy use.

29m3 of 45x25mm planed Accoya sections were used to clad the Europa Conference Centre in three vertical sections of increasing density. Accoya was also specified to cover a round staircase in the conference centre’s main entrance.

The building’s façade also features a living installation which uses more than 33,000 plants of 70 different species growing on a total surface area of 1,492 m2.

The entire façade was coated with a grey Cettol WF 771 – Sikkens AkzoNobel coating.


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March 13, 2018